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Following generations of tribal custom, the Wapishiana Hammock contains handpicked natural cottons from the interior rainforests of Guyana. The hammock is made in Village homes of South and Deep South Savannahs in Guyana, South America.

Although the Caribs may have introduced cotton as a weaving material to Guyana's interior Amerindians, it was the Wapishiana who perfected it. Today, old ladies talk of mothers and grandmothers who, for months, patiently spun, wove and plaited individual and beautiful works of tribal art. Though every woman was expected to be able to spin and weave, a clever weaver was, and is, regarded with great and genuine respect by her contemporaries; anyone trading with her for a hammock would obtain the single, perhaps most admired indegenous posession.

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For direct enquiries, please feel free to E-mail:
Rupununi Weavers Society

Our limited edition hammocks are owned by:

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth

H.R.H. Prince Phillip

The Smithsonian Institute, South American Textile Art Collection

The British Museum, South American Indigenous ART Collection

The Cambridge Museum, Indigenous Woven Art Collection